Staff and Faculty

Meet Our Team

J. P. Dorsey

Site Director / Hermeneutics

Kristin McElhenny

Student Liaison & Organizational Admin

Carl Hayes

Director of Recruitment & Pastoral Care

Fred Betcher

Creative Director

Casey Arnouts

Old Testament

Keith Bergquist

New Testament & History

Barb Dorsey

Psychology & Personal Development

Jennifer Dykema

English Composition

Tom Gallant

Personal and Church Finance

Brian Lidbeck

Academic Administrator / Theology

David Netzly

Biology & Scientific Theology

Steve Miller

Ministry Leadership

Kerry Watts


Ken Stults

Homiletics & Philosophy

Josh Aldrich

World Literature

Bob Roberts

World Missions

Jamie Evans

Evangelism & Public Speaking

Naomi Foster

Worship Concentration

Kevin Buntine

Children’s Ministry

Sarah Gant

Administrative Assistant to J.P. Dorsey