Financial Information

“How much is it?”

With costs for college education on the rise, this is almost always at the top of students’ (and parents’) list of questions. Take a look below and see for yourself. This is a world-class academic experience that won’t break the bank.

Tuition and Fees:

This should help you get a good idea of what it will cost to attend Northpoint-GR. The fees shown represent a full-time student attending for an entire year. Please keep in mind that book costs fluctuate and housing costs should be taken into consideration.


This can vary depending on the number of nights per week needed, etc.

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Fall and Spring Fee Schedule

50% of semester charges are due at registration. Financial aid can be applied toward the down payment. The semester balance can be made in monthly installments or by equal payments of the remaining balance on October 15 and December 1 for the Fall semester. Spring semester payment dates are March 1 and April 15.

Specialized Class Fees

* Students enrolled in Neurobiology will have a $75 Biology Lab Fee added to their tuition.

* Students enrolled in the Music Concentration will have a $250 Music Lab Fee added to their tuition per class, per semester.

Federal Financial Aid

Northpoint students may apply for federal aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When you are completing your FAFSA use the school code Northpoint Bible College / Haverhill, MA. The priority deadline for Financial Aid is March 1 for fall semesters and November 1 for spring semesters. FAFSAs will be accepted after these dates, but available aid may be limited. For more information or to complete your FAFSA, visit

Want to get an ‘unofficial,’ but generally accurate, idea of how much you may qualify for ahead of time?


Tution & Fees


Total Annual Cost

  • Fall – $3,750.00
    [$250.00 per credit hour x 15]
  • Spring – $4,000.00
    [$250.00 per credit hour x 16]
  • Books – $500.00
    [total for both semesters, used]
  • Library Fee – $70.00
  • Printing Fee – $25.00
    [250 Copies]
  • Student ID – $15.00
    [new students only]