Why do you belong at the Grand Rapids campus of Northpoint Bible College?

“There are lots of ways to answer the call of the Great Commission. Students already attending Northpoint range from future pastors, worship leaders, and missionaries, to future counselors and social workers. Some just know they sense His call to make a difference for Christ.”

Point 1

You don’t just want to follow; you want to LEAD.

Preparing for your future is not the place to cut corners. We offer a no compromise, fully accredited program designed to prepare you for leadership in the Kingdom. From communication, to team building, theology, and leadership, our program is specifically crafted to help you develop the skills you will really need.

Point 2

You don’t just want to know; you want to DO.

Whether it’s the fact that our professors all [that’s right . . . ALL] have real-life ministry experience or the convenient design of our schedule that allows our students to keep plugged into growing their practical skills, we’re committed to making sure you graduate with the real-life abilities you will need to effectively fulfill your call.

Point 3

You don’t just want a great education; you want it at a price you can AFFORD.

Seriously. This is really important. Our students experience dramatically lower costs than the national average. The last thing you want is to prepare for your calling and then be unable to afford to fulfill it because of student indebtedness. That won’t happen here.

Point 4

You don’t just want to know about Jesus; you want to experience HIM.

Your education experience shouldn’t draw you away from a passionate relationship with Jesus, it should strengthen it. Weekly chapels offer opportunities to be impacted deeply by His presence. And because the college is located right on the campus of a great missional church, Grand Rapids First, we never forget what it’s all about.

Point 5

You don’t just want a specialty; you want SKILLS that will apply over a lifetime.

You won’t get 60 credit hours of ‘developing a cool social networking image to reach youth’ or ‘hipster fashion for worship leaders’ here. The facts are that God may call you to youth for a season, missions for a season, a stint in social work and community development, and then to be a lead pastor. We believe in helping you cultivate the core skills that will help you be an effective, mission driven, ministry leader in any area.