Worship Minor

Worship Concentration

Now accepting applications for Fall 2018.

The minor in Worship Ministries is designed to equip effective worship ministry leaders. The combination of pastoral and leadership skills taught in the Ministry Leadership degree program means the student will be prepared to be effective at more than the Sunday morning experience. This is a program for those who don’t want to just be great up front, but who are ready to cultivate the abilities to develop and share a sound theological vision, build healthy teams, achieve musical excellence, and function as part of a well-rounded pastoral team to enhance the increase the missional effectiveness of the local church.

  • Cultivate a passion for the role of worship in the mission of the local church
  • Grown in musical excellence and ability
  • Develop a clear theological vision of worship
  • Be equipped to build healthy, discipling teams
  • Learn core leadership and conflict management skills
  • Obtain certification in relevant technologies such as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop.
  • Gain experience in song writing, arrangement, and recording
  • Gather confidence through involvement in chapel worship, our worship tour, and our upcoming studio projects

Why do you belong in the Worship Ministries program at NBC|GR?

  1. Because God has called you to something worth preparing for with excellence
  2. Because you want to do more than just sound good, you want to do good. That takes real leadership and pastoral ability
  3. Because most ministries are looking for team members who can contribute to more than just their area of interest or expertise
  4. Because today’s church landscape requires leaders who can build unity and vision by articulating a meaningful, biblical philosophy of worship
  5. Because God may give you opportunities not directly related to music that will require a broader ministry preparation

Space is limited and a try-out is required for this program. Schedule a visit, contact us, or begin  your application process today!